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Is your office treating patients with Invisalign? Don’t miss out on over $10,000 of production a month!

Is your office treating patients with Invisalign?

Don’t miss out on over $10,000 of production a month!


I am a true believer that a Dr. should only focus on the activities in which they are most productive. Managing the practice and spending time on tasks that can be done by other team members are a waste of the Dr’s time. Utilizing staff and delegating trusted procedures allows for the Dr to be able to be the most productive. If you trust your team members to handle tasks that can be legally done by them, DELEGATE! And if you don’t trust them, let them go. Delegating patient care in all allowable tasks is a must, especially for a general practitioner when it comes to treating your patients with Invisalign. Invisalign is a great producing procedure that doesn’t need to consume the Dr’s time often, however when not carried out efficiently it can eat up valuable chair time.

Production on invisalign after lab fees = around $3500-$5000

you will invest around 12 hours on a case lasting 12 months

@ a $500 rate worth you are now losing money!


The first step to becoming efficient is to have 2 well-trained and invested dental assistants. In order to gain ideal production on a daily basis, you must have an assistant to be productive with and an assistant that can handle appointments that require little to no doctor time in another room such as Invisalign. If you have only one assistant and you are doing Invisalign in your general practice you are wasting your chair time on a procedure you are done producing on. The Invisalign fee includes all following appointments and is typically produced in one lump sum at the beginning of treatment.

Invisalign is made to be a treat for dental staff, and doesn’t require too many hands on appointments. However there are routine aligner changing appointments, the need to place attachments, IPR and an occasional checkup for patient concerns or questions. If you have 20 current Invisalign cases in which average a 60 minute appointment with you every month, that is  hours of unproductive time! We will use $700/hr goal for example, do that math….that’s $14,000 of lost possible production opportunities in one month!

I have found the most efficient and common way to carry out Invisalign treatment in your office is to delegate every appointment to an assistant, with the exception to IPR. An assistant can aid the patient in changing out their aligners and with training they can place attachments and answer all patient questions. When seeing a new Invisalign patient I recommend an assistant take all impressions/scans and photos however I bring the Dr in for a quick exam to diagnose and label the areas of treatment. While one of your assistants is next door with an Invisalign patient chatting about how their treatment is going and fitting in their next aligner, you can be prepping for a bridge and never have to interrupt your schedule to be a part of a unproductive appointment.


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